This is the webpage for my Neocities profile.
Warning: It's a bit empty (and a little visually broken) right now!
Since 2023 01 12, I have occasionally been working on a complete overhaul of it.
I will be adding stuff such as a blog, and it will also show off a lot of other cool stuff.
Basically, I'm going to probably make you have more of a reason to look at this website.
It is currently 15% complete. (As of 2023 12 24)
I work on the new website from time to time when I feel like working on it.
But, for the one you're currently on, just expect small updates for it every 1-5 months to edit outdated information, or to fix visual problems.

Fun fact:
My website was first called "mimiland", but that name obviously didn't sound that good.
Not that naming my (now relatively outdated) new website after my online username is any better...

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