mimi7's OCs

Here, I list the characters I have created, and use (or don't use) to display my online identity!

OSC (Object Show Community)
Please note that I only list characters that I have thought up for object camps or just as one-offs here, meaning characters I have created for (maybe upcoming?) objects shows (and related media) will not be included here!

Plastic Cup (he/him) Created around July 13th, 2019
Free to use?: Yes. I don't "own" Plastic Cups
a dimwitted partygoer

Nacho (he/him, they/them, it/its) Created March 3rd, 2021
Free to use?: Yes. I don't "own" Nachos
likes cheese dip

Bonesaw (he/him) Created April 23rd, 2022
Free to use?: Ask me for permission! While I'm not affiliated with Valve (the creators of Team Fortress 2, the game from which this character is obviously inspired from), he's less mundane than my other object OCs.
lost his medical license

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